The 1930s so the introduction and thus production of drugs used in the stimulation of protein growth in the human body. These drugs are known as the Anabolic Steroids also known as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS). These drugs were developed as a coping mechanism for individuals with the slow growth rate that was and is still considered a medical problem in some cases like for cancer and AIDS patients. Also, the drug is for people who would need to stimulate puberty in seeking medical help.

Anabolic steroids are manufactured in different forms including pills, liquid form, and an injection dosage. These are because of consideration of different patients who are in need of it. Hence, Anabolic steroids a.k.a. prohormones are considered legal for medical purposes. The steroids come with their advantage that includes increase muscle mass enabling one gain body strength and endurance. An example is people who suffer from diseases such as cancer and have to go through chemotherapy. The therapy often reduces the mass of the body muscles and leaves one feeling weak and exhausted. Hence, these steroids are recommended to stimulate rapid growth of the worn out muscles. This stimulation ensures that the body is still able to manufacture energy to fend for itself.

Another advantage of these steroids is that one can train longer and frequently with unprecedented frequency. As a result, one's sporting performance is boosted. The example in the world of sports, when an athlete gets injured, he or she is recommended anabolic steroids to stimulate muscle healing and body performance. It ensures that the athlete keeps training, and their performance activity is boosted. This is although done legally and under constant medical supervision. The steroids also provide faster recuperation for the sick and the injured athletes.

There are disadvantages faced with the prolonged use of these anabolic steroids. The major problem faced is the cost of these drugs. This especially becomes a bit more expensive with the type of steroids being purchased, as some are more expensive than others are. Also, the more the dosage to be taken, the more expensive the drug is. Prolong use of these steroids results to various diseases such as heart attacks, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems among many. Such conditions lead to long term health problems that would need constant medical attention. This proves to be quite expensive. Severe cases at times result to the death of an individual.

Constant use of Anabolic steroids in men, results to breast development and the shrinking of testicles. In women, there is deepening of the voice, and excessive growth of body hair and areas such as breast areas become more masculine than feminine.

Legal steroid is a term used to refer to the steroids particular for body enhancement. This activity is popular in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. These legal steroids assist in the development and toning of body muscles mainly for competitive purposes. Steroids for sale are common and legalized steroids that are sold in pharmacies and some online grocery shops. Although some of these steroids are legalized, one is best advised to use them with moderation and under legal supervision. For sellers, they are best advised to sell them only under doctor's prescription.